"Torrefied pellets are the future of biocommodities for many applications to replace fossil fuel in heat and power production." - Eija Alakangas, VTT -



a strong pan-European consortium

All members of the consortium, scientific institutions and industrial partners, are recognised for their experience in the research fields of torrefaction, the production of densified solid biofuels, in transport and storage of fossil and biofuels, the design and operation of different end-use applications of solid biomass or analysis and sustainability issues.

DBFZ, as coordinator, conducts research on various parts of the value chains of different bioenergy carriers. The WPs of the project have been structured to follow such a value chain, starting from the biomass feedstock, going through the various steps of preparation up to the end use.

Dealing with bioenergy, each partner has an overview about the work needed to carry out in this project, but each has a core area of competencies. The partners CENER, ECN, UmU, SLU and Topell provide the knowhow and equipment for the core technologies of torrefaction and densification. Another group of partners has been chosen because of their activity and expertise in the end use: BE2020, BIOS, Doosan Babcock, EON, Procede, RWE and Vattenfall are among these. As end users, their participation ensures a market oriented development. The research organisations DTI, IEN, USTUTT, OFI, TFZ, TU Wien, UFZ and VTT have been chosen as participants for their deep inside knowledge of the chemical and physical processes which can be optimised through distinct methods and analyses.

project partners

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DBFZDeutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gGmbH
logo VTTVTTTechnical Research Centre of Finland
logo ECNECNEnergy Research Centre of the Netherlands
logo DTIDTIDanish Technological Institute
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logo OFIOFIAustrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology
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logo CENERCENERNational Renewable Energy Centre
logo TopellTopellTopell Energy BV
logo VattenfallVattenfallVattenfall Research and Development AB
logo RWERWERWE Innogy GmbH
DBDoosan Power Systems Ltd.
logo ProcedeProcedeProcede Biomass BV
logo IENIENInstitute of Power Engineering
logo TFZTFZTechnology and Support Centre
logo BIOSBIOSBIOS Bioenergiesysteme GmbH
logo BE2020BE2020bioenergy 2020+
logo TU WienTU WienVienna University of Technology
logo UFZUFZHelmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
logo SLUSLUSwedish University of Agricultural Sciences
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This project has received funding from the European Union´s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 282826.