"Converting difficult to handle biomass into a commodity

fuel: torrefaction and densification." - Robin Zwart, ECN -



Here you can find the public deliverables of the SECTOR-Project.

1.1Provision of the project website27.06.2012
3.1Working paper on evaluation criteria and selection of feedstock27.06.2012
2.1Profiles of the selected raw materials part 105.09.2012
6.1Description of existing handling and storage facilities and the associated issues09.11.2012
9.1Description of the relevant biomass-to-end-use chains, including torrefied biofuels07.11.2012
8.1Round Robin report 1 - Validation of "standard" test methods08.02.2013

Requirements for a MSDS for torrefied material

9.3Deployment scenarios and socio-economic assessment of torrefied biomass chains Part 109.12.2013
2.3Profiles of the selected raw materials-part 210.07.2013
10.1First data sets presented in BIODAT21.05.2013
4.1Report on requirements of end users on densified and torrefied material01.12.2013
1.2Midterm Report after the Midterm Project Conference28.11.2013
7.3/7.4Executive summary of: "Combustion behaviour of torrefied pellets in pellet boilers and corrosion load on chimneys." and "Combustion screening of three pellet boiler technologies and fuel assessment trials."27.01.2014
3.2Report on optimisation opportunities by integrating torrefaction into existing industries 06.02.2014
8.3Graded thermally and densified biomass fuels Development of the ISO 17225-8 standard (updated version)11.08.2014 (Updated 11/2015)
4.3Scientific paper on fundamental densification characteristics of torrefied material13.08.2014

→ The full paper has been published in the journal "Applied Energy".

→ Here you can access the pre-print of the article

3.3Scientific paper on torrefaction fundamentals (summary)14.08.2014
→ The full paper has been published in the journal "Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolisis".
9.5Deployment  Scenarios and socio-economic assessment of torrefied biomass chains Part 202.02.2015
8.4Round robin report 2 – Validation of new test methods19.02.2015

“General” material safety data sheet 

(If you wish to have the template of the General material safety data sheet in WORD, please contact info(at)sector-project.eu)

8.5Report on test methods and properties of torrefied biomass24.06.2015
9.8Executive Summary of WP9 Results13.07.2015
1.3Final report based on Conference Proceedings of Final Project Conference31.07.2015

Final report on bulk tests in existing storage and handling facilities


Proceedings of Workshops

Annex 1 - 1st Workshop

Annex 2 - 2nd Workshop

Annex 3 - 3rd Workshop

Torrefaction Technology and Strategy Report
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This project has received funding from the European Union´s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No. 282826.